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Heating and cooling Questions

at generation air your heating and cooling longevity, reliability, cleanlyness, and efficiency is our top priority

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

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Why Should i choose generation air Heating and Cooling

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is Air conditioning maintenance REALLY NECASSARY?  

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How can I service/maintenance
my air conditioning unit?

Maintenance Plan

Our HVAC Maintenance Program offers the most cost effective option to prevent costly repairs, air conditioning system replacements, hvac longevity, safety for our clients, improved air quality, improved efficiency, and the highest levels of comfort with the miserable summers Arizona has to offer.
Generation Air will provides the service, quality, and integrity you would expect back in the good ole days!
HVAC Maintenance Plan
Generation Air takes pride in performing above and beyond to your expectations!

We offer many different plans that can range from 1 year to however many you desire!
each plan includes the following:

  Annual A/C check             

●  Annual Heating check

●  Greater Energy Savings (Help Improve Those High Summer Bills!)

 Free Indoor/Outdoor coil cleaning to help  keep good air quality

●  Front of the Line pass on calls

●  Ensure a Safe, more comfortable home No overtime or evening extended rates 15% off 

●  replacement parts     

●  10% off replacement systems

●  50% off refrigerant (R410a) 25% off R22

●  $45 Service and Diagnostic fee

●  Complimentary Trip and Travel charges

●  Track all service and maintenance

●  Maintenance reminders and education for a better/longer lasting system

●  Inspect coolant levels, wiring, contacts, capacitors, relays, & condensate drains

● Check All motors running conditions, connections, amp draw, & keep record  

~ Our company takes pride in the satisfaction of our customers! We are growing quickly through referrals proving performing per our statement..."Good Ole Fashioned Service, Quality, & Integrity".

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